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Route to the Marcos y Cordero Trail

Casa del Monte - Marcos y Cordero - Los Tilos (PR LP 6).
With Taxi 4x4 Service.

If you have decided to visit the Marcos and Cordero Springs, CONGRATULATIONS!

You have chosen what is considered one of the most beautiful, spectacular and unforgettable hiking routes in the Canary Islands and the island of La Palma.

In it, crossing the 13 tunnels excavated in volcanic stone, you will descend to the heart of the original Los Tiles (or Tilos) Biosphere Reserve declared as such in 1983. Its grandiose landscape and the presence and sound of water make this place a space wonderful for a spectacular hike. Domingo Fernández’s 4×4 Taxi is there to make it easier for you to enjoy Marcos y Cordero and the Los Tiles forest.
It is advisable to reserve a place in the 4×4 taxi in advance, because if not, when you arrive in Los Tilos in the morning you can be waiting for there to be free places and you will lose a lot of time waiting.
The most comfortable way to do this trail is to do it partially in a 4×4 taxi service vehicle. This will take you up from the La Portada car park in Los Tiles (which is precisely where the Nascent trail ends later) to the Casa del Monte (1 hour ride in the 4×4 taxi), which is the beginning of the water channel that It takes you to the Nascent Marcos and Cordero. With this option of the taxi, you can save a significant number of kilometers of ascent on foot and the route becomes a path without positive unevenness, where you only go flat to the Marcos and Cordero springs and later go down to Los Tiles, arriving in the area. known as La Portada, which is where the 4×4 taxi has picked you up in the morning.

We arrived with the taxi at the beginning of the trail.

In any case, do not think of doing this tour with your car unless it is a 4×4 jeep. It is a vital advice so that your visit is pleasant and you can also do the complete Marcos and Cordero trail, that is, to the Los Tilos Forest.

Once at the Casa del Monte, after an hour of ascent in the taxi, the path opens with the constant accompaniment of a centuries-old canal through which the water runs on our left and the ravine area on the right. There is a great height, but do not worry, the road is safe and wide enough not to have shocks if you keep a minimum of security measures. The fayal-heather gives way to the pine forest and the succession of tunnels that await us. It is essential at this point to have a flashlight or headlamp.

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Once the route has been covered, you will arrive in about an hour and a half at the source of Marcos. You are facing what claims to be the largest spring not only on La Palma but also on the Archipelago. Its waterfalls thus testify to it. Later you will continue on your way and fifteen minutes later you will arrive at the source of Codero. At this point, there are those who decide to turn around and return to the Casa del Monte to hire the taxi again (649 94 54 81), but many prefer adventure and will continue on their way to Los Tiles and the heart of the World Reserve of the La Palma Biosphere. This journey is made through a changing landscape, where the beautiful Laurisilva forest will captivate you, as will the Espidón Atravesado Viewpoint, which remains on the way down the ravine (path PR LP 6).

In total, this descent will be about 2 hours 45 minutes (not counting the time of the 4×4 taxi) to the starting point of the Nazados de Marcos and Cordero-Los Tilos trail (called La Portada, as it is the access to these lands) . To this you must add 1 hour and 45 minutes, which will take approximately between the Casa del Monte and the Naciente de Codero. But are you in a hurry? Enjoy the landscape, the water, the tunnels, the forest … take your photos. Nothing happens to take another hour …

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