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Pico de La Cruz - Los Sauces - San Andrés - Charco Azul

Another path of great beauty and uniqueness is the one that descends from the summit of La Palma to the sea itself, in the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces.

The taxi will take you up at the beginning of the route, on the access road to Roque de Los Muchachos and then you will only have to go down to the sea itself to visit San Andrés and Charco Azul.

The path PR LP 7, reaches the case of Los Sauces and then you can take our 4×4 taxi again or continue on the GR 130 to San Andrés and Charco Azul. You can leave your car at any of these three points: Los Sauces, San Andrés or Charco Azul. There you will be picked up by our taxi to take you to the summit of La Palma so that, on the way down, you will travel this spectacular path where you will see a large number of different landscapes of the geography of La Palma.

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